Resources/Release notes


December 19, 2023

In this version, we've made several enhancements and updates to improve the overall performance and functionality of the application. Notable changes include switching from pip to poetry for package management, updating the dependabot.yml configuration, and bumping various dependencies such as FastAPI, asyncpg, and uvicorn in the backend. We've also implemented improvements in the Elector contract ABI XML and conducted cleanup in contracts. Additionally, we now mock ALL HTTP requests in tests for better testing practices. The release introduces the Validation diagram, addressing bug fixes, and optimizing the backend indexer for improved performance. Various backend optimizations, including query optimizations, Redis cache tweaking, and better support for the get-method, have been implemented. Other improvements include fixing errors in the search_table definition, connecting user-visible status messages to the backend, and adding a validator location IP handler.

  • Feat: Switch from pip to poetry
  • Feat: Update dependabot.yml
  • Feat: Bump fastapi from 0.103.2 to 0.105.0 in /apps/backend
  • Feat: Bump asyncpg from 0.28.0 to 0.29.0 in /apps/backend
  • Feat: Bump uvicorn from 0.23.2 to 0.24.0.post1 in /apps/backend
  • Feat: Elector contract ABI XML and cleanup contracts
  • Feat: Mock ALL HTTP requests in tests.
  • Feat: Adds Validation diagram
  • Feat: Bump psutil from 5.9.6 to 5.9.7 in /apps/backend
  • Feat: Bump immutabledict from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0 in /apps/backend
  • Fix: Return validation columns to old values
  • Fixes bug that prevents rerouting from reloading content
  • Feat (backend): Indexer optimisation and improvements
  • Feat (backend): Query optimisations
  • Feat (backend): Redis cache tweaking
  • Feat (backend): Better get-method support
  • Feat (backend): Indexer improvements logging + optimisations
  • Feat (backend): Connect user-visible status messages to backend
  • Feat (backend): Added validator location ip handler


December 14, 2023

In this recent update, we've implemented a crucial fix in the backend, specifically addressing an issue related to the indexer. The fix ensures that the indexer will now appropriately conclude a chunk when encountering a failure while retrieving a block.

  • Fix (backend): make indexer finish chunk if getting a block failed


December 12, 2023

In this latest update, we've addressed a a fix related to the NFT verified query. With this fix, users can expect a smoother and more robust experience when interacting with verified NFTs

  • Fix: NFT verified query


December 11, 2023

In this version, we've implemented improvements to enhance user interactions and system reliability. Verified NFTs are now exclusively featured in collections, ensuring a more secure experience. The homepage has been enriched with count datapoints, offering users valuable insights at a glance. Additionally, a Tonscan and TON status banner has been introduced to promptly communicate network anomalies. The search functionality extends to NFT items, improving discoverability. Fixes include the renaming of the "blogIndex" query, optimizations in NFT collection fetching, and updates to local development instructions. Customization options have expanded with system preference logic for color schemes and the introduction of custom limit tiers on table footers.

  • Feat: Only include verified NFTs in NFT collections
  • Feat: Add count datapoints to homepage
  • Feat: Add tonscan and TON status banner for when network is performing abnormally
  • Feat: Search also works for NFT Items
  • Fix: Renames "blogIndex" query to more recent "blog" type
  • Fix: Tweak nft-collection-fetching
  • Feat: Create dependabot.yml
  • Fix(frontend/colors): Use appropriate colors for light and dark
  • Fix: Update local dev instructions
  • Feat: Add counts to home page
  • Feat(frontend/ColorScheme): Add system preference logic
  • Fix(frontend/colorScheme): Set colour scheme correctly
  • Feat: Add possibility for custom limit tiers on table footers
  • Fix: Remove playwright action (temporary patch)
  • Fix: Tweak/image-sizing
  • Feat(frontend/Announcement): Add banner for BE status


December 7, 2023

In this version, significant updates have been made to enhance the user interface with the refactoring of BaseLayout, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience. Font-related issues have been addressed, and the "created by" feature has been removed for improved clarity. On the backend, several notable features have been introduced, including the handling of toncenter 404 errors and the addition of the latest transaction age to status error messages. Fixes have been implemented to optimize performance, such as moving the retrieval of mc_seqno outside of locks in the Indexer and enhancing disk space handling and monitoring. Additionally, improvements to logging have been made by transitioning away from loguru. Various utility functions have been fine-tuned and fixed, including get_election_data and getNominatorPools logic post de-duplication

  • Feat: Refactor BaseLayout
  • Fix: Fonts and remove"created by"
  • Feat (backend): Handle toncenter 404
  • Feat (backend): Add latest txn age to status error message
  • Fix (backend): Indexer, move getting mc_seqno outside of lock
  • Fix (backend): Improved logging - get rid of loguru
  • Fix (backend): Improve disk space handling and monitoring
  • Fix (backend): Get_election_data util
  • Fix (backend): Fixed getNominatorPools logic after de-duplication